Formal Shirt Collars

Forward point

It is one of most balanced collar type, looks great whether shirt is casual or formal. The physical gap (spread) between collar tips is quite moderate. It’s considered to be safe choice for the dress shirts, whether worn at work or on special occasions. It is recommended for ties but it gives best look with smaller knot.

Wide Spread collar

This style is gaining popularity. This collar is meant for formal occasions and looks great with larger knot ties. This style is not meant for casual attire at all, one may wear wide spread shirt with jean but wearing tie is must. There are couple of variations of this collar style by the name of cutaway and extreme cutaway.

Tuxedo Collar

Tuxedo collars are most formal collars, it’s a shirt with two small wings collar, especially designed to go with bow tie. Tuxedo shirt is usually crafted in white fabric. Good to have in your wardrobe if someone has to attend high upper class parties.

Tab Collar

Tab collars are not very often worn, though it’s very formal style. It’s a best style for all those who wish to make tie knot prominent. Tie is must with this style, silk and light cotton tie give best look with tab collar.

Club Collar

Club collar is considered classic men’s style. It look great with small tie knots. Some men prefer to wear horizontal metallic pin with this collar.

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